From the Board: Linda Williamson

Happy shiny, juicy New Year! Reverend Jyoti has started our 2019 Sundays off with the teachings of Back to Basics. We are focused on our continued prosperity and abundance, attendance is up and Center for Spiritual Living-Boulder Valley is thriving! It’s an exciting time looking for a new larger space! Please keep your eyes and ears open for the perfect space and funding for your new spiritual home.

January has been action packed with the 1st Wednesday meditation, visioning for our new space, movie night, new member orientation and – behind the scenes – settling the budget, strategic planning for the year and upcoming move, preparing for the annual meeting on 1/27, newsletter, keeping current on social media and website, and nuts and bolts in general…the list goes on. Thank you for sharing your time, treasure, and talent.

Tomorrow night is the Third Thursday forum with our own Karen Karsh here at the center. Reverend Lea has Practical Mysticism class starting 1/22 from 6-9pm. And January outreach helps Sister Carmen recipients with household items.

Please join after service at our annual meeting on January 27th during the potluck for a look back at 2018 and our plans for 2019.


Happy 2019. I already know all your New Year dreams come true!

Love & Light

Linda Williamson, CSL-BV Board Secretary


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