From My Heart: Rev. Jyoti DeVernie

Greetings! I think of February as the ‘love month’ and am reminded of how much I am loved and how many amazing beings I have in my life to love! That includes, of course, many of you who are reading this newsletter. I feel SO BLESSED to be Senior Minister at CSL Boulder Valley! And I am loving having Rev. Lea as Assistant Minister, as she is such a great teacher and speaker and spiritual leader — and loves this community so much. Thanks again Rev. Lea for saying YES!

January was a great month at CSLBV with new members, Lea’s most recent class starting, great music, our generous Outreach project, great attendance, amazing kids’ art, and a delightful Potluck and Annual Meeting. If you have any questions about the Annual Meeting, ask me or one of your Board Members.

Don’t be surprised if you come in some Sunday morning and the sanctuary has been rearranged. We’re going to try to fit more chairs in since we haven’t found our new larger location yet. Let me know if you’d like to help with the rearranging, OK? Again and again I remind myself that this is God’s ministry and our perfect space is in the process of being revealed in the perfect time and the perfect way. Spirit has already provided some of the additional funding we’ll probably need as we lease a larger space. We are so blessed, and I am so grateful.

I love it that the CSL theme for the year is Spirituality in Action. I mean, what good does our spirituality do if we don’t put it into action in our lives? We have amazing tools based on spiritual principles, but if we only bring them out and look at them on Sundays, we’re missing a great opportunity to bring more love, joy, peace, service and prosperity into our lives and into the world. ‘Creating a world that works for everyone’ is a basic tenet of our worldwide organization, Centers for Spiritual Living. As we remember our oneness with all beings and as we remember that good is only good if it’s good for everyone involved, we can make choices that are good for us, our families, our communities, our nation, the planet and the world. We can ‘treat and move our feet’ with our affirmative prayers and by following Spirit’s guidance as to what’s ours to do to make a positive difference in the world.

In February I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons as usual. I’m also available at other times by appointment, of course. Please call if you’d like to come in to pray or talk about whatever’s on your heart, to share your thoughts about ways to make our Center even more powerful and magnificent, or just to get together for coffee.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings! Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

From my heart to yours in this month of love, I invite you to take time each day contemplating who/what it is you love and are grateful for. Spending even a few minutes in the energy of love and gratitude will lift your spirits and open you to more to love and even more to be grateful for.

Love, Love, Love,
Reverend Jyoti

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