Your Good is Your God

“God, the omnipotent Good, works through the word of Truth. The first name of God is Good, and the first name of the Good is God.” -Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Can you name your Good? “Your Good is your God” implies that we find our sense of purpose, meaning, and guidance by following our own moral compass. We each have the divine potential to access our own inherent goodness and wisdom. “Your Good is your God” emphasizes the deep impact of living in alignment with our values. We embody a sense of divinity within ourselves. The divine spark within grows stronger.

Rather than relying on what others say we should be or do, look inward to define your values and principles. Recognize the divine essence within. Name your Good. All Truth is waiting for you to say plainly what is your Good. Let the pursuit of goodness, as defined by your own beliefs, become a guiding force in your life.

Catherine Snider, RScP

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