The Gift of Listening

A wealth of teaching is available. Our work is not so much to find a teacher as to improvise our own receptivity and sharpen our ability to hear the teachings all around us. — David A. Cooper in Silence, Simplicity & Solitude

Listening is such a gift! When we truly listen, it not only impacts the person we are listening to but opens us up to learning about ourselves and the Divine nature that is everywhere present. Listening is one of my favorite things now, even though that has not always been the case. Growing and expanding is the blessing each one of us has within the listening that we become aware of.

For this week, decide who you are going to make the extra effort to listen to. Set up a situation where you can listen with attentiveness and not be distracted by your environment. If for some reason, you still get distracted, let go and let God. If you still can’t listen in the way you want to, ask your conversation partner to stop for a moment so you can close your eyes and find that quiet space within you. The idea is not to give up but to keep trying to find your quiet space so you can listen in a way to benefit everyone. You can do this!

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