The Gift of Conscious Change

Change. It’s going to happen whether we like it or not. Our bodies change. The people we love change. Our lives are comprised of births and deaths. Successes and failures. Ups and downs. Change is a part of life.

Oftentimes when we think of change we default to something difficult that we didn’t choose. Such as Rev. Jyoti’s retirement or a major illness of ourselves or a loved one.

There are also times in life where we make a choice to consciously change. This type of change comes from an empowered place and requires us to choose to step into an uncomfortable space.

The difference is we do it with the intention to create something better. For ourselves. For our community. For our planet. For example, we may choose to run for office, or we may choose to end a relationship that no longer serves us. Both of which require us to choose how we spend our time differently.

It’s easiest to take ourselves on when we want to rather than when it is forced upon us. We can choose to get guidance and support. We can choose a state of being open –open to seeing the truth about ourselves and situations we are in. Open to new and different and perhaps at first uncomfortable ways of being.

Are you ready to create conscious change in your life? Let’s take a look at some of the support available at Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley:

  1. Schedule one-on-one time with a practitioner.
  2. Take classes and physically put yourself in new and different situations while you discover new tools and ways of being.
  3. Take time to quiet your mind. Our monthly meditations are a terrific way to learn new meditation techniques and can help support a new way of being with yourself.

There is this unbounded power in consciously making a choice to create positive change in your life. However difficult it may be, when we ask powerful things of ourselves the Universe responds in kind. I call it cutting Fresh Tracks.

One of the things I love most about Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley is the many opportunities we offer to support you in this journey.

Our Foundations of the Science of Mind course is often where it starts. This course is a perfect stepping stone into exploring your personal spiritual beliefs and testing out a variety of spiritual practices and discovering what works best for you.

The other amazing class we have coming up is The Power of Your Word. This course delves into the powerful effect of affirmative prayer. How our thoughts and words effect us and our community.

Knowing that the Universe is always conspiring in our favor, conscious change requires us to step into our next-best self. Using the tools and opportunities available to us is our responsibility. And is often our first embracing the gift of conscious change.

Affirmation: I affirm that God is conspiring in my favor for my highest and best good always.

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