Divine Feminine

Thirteen years ago, I began a journey that would forever change me.

I was introduced to a guru named Sai Maa. Sai Maa represents the Divine Mother on this planet, and she gifted me with the ability to go beyond what I knew, into a place where I have insight into what I didn’t know, I didn’t know.

One of the things she taught was how to embrace the Divine Feminine. She explained that at this time on the planet, the Divine Feminine energy is a much-needed force. The Divine feminine is a balance of ourselves based in love and compassion.

My teacher Sai Maa expressed it was very important to bring that balance in each one of us to the forefront. Our society as a whole is moving from an age-old male dominance, where women were considered less worthy or unequal to men, to a powerful feminine presence that helps create a world that works for everyone.

Embracing both our masculine and feminine energies allows each of us to be a receptive force for good and create much needed balance in today’s world.

Creating change around the world

Over the past 13 years I have observed that change occurring around the world. Women are standing up and being heard in all areas. Taking on much larger roles in politics, science, social justice, and many more areas based on a sacred way of being that is rooted in a place of learning. Learning about what we don’t know that we don’t know and bringing that to consciousness. It is beyond the realm of day-to-day living.

Personally, I know it is becoming a greater and greater focus in life by observing the changes in me. By embracing the Divine Feminine I have become a voice that is listened to and respected at work, at church and in the rest of my life. I was a good practitioner, a good dad, a good co-worker and while none of this left me, I saw positive change in every relationship I have because I had changed. Before embracing my divine feminine energy, I was aloof and had separated myself from others. Now, I am inclusive and part of the whole.

I was surprised to notice I began attracting people to me without effort – and I was just being myself. It seemed like folks just wanted to hang out. I believe it was because I made a shift in my energy and that is what was attracting others to me. My vibration was so high, it sent a message out for people to join me.


As I embraced my divine feminine, I quickly noticed my relationships changed. I started feeling things that had been long hidden and I felt a vibrancy for life. People that have known Barbra and myself for a while seem to think I am the more feminine and she is the more masculine. This may be correct or not but as the pendulum swings back and forth in our endeavor to become balanced, we see a reflection in others of where we are. Why wouldn’t any man want to find that Divine Feminine in themselves? It has been an honor to get to know women in a way that opens my heart and finds the power they bring to every situation within myself. We must do our own work to reveal the true balance the Divine Feminine brings.

Affirmation: The Divine Feminine creates balance in me and is exhibited in love and compassion.

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