Trust the Universe

What does it mean to truly trust the Universe¬? The Universe is our constant companion, guiding us, directing us, and even protecting us when we need it. The Universe is that powerful, all knowing force and yet, we question it. We find ourselves in a challenging situation and we pray but we forget the most important step, which is to release. As part of a spiritual mind treatment, we release as the final step in the prayer. This means that we are surrendering our prayer to the divine; that we are handing it over and trusting the divine unfoldment of whatever it is that we are asking for. What often happens however, is that we’ll experience a powerful prayer but then shortly after, we move back into fear, questioning whether or not the thing that we desire will actually manifest for us. We don’t realize that this shift in energy keeps us from the very thing we want.

As humans sometimes we want things to go our way. We want to control the outcome, expecting our desires to show up when we decide. Letting the Universe be in charge is something many of us aren’t very good at or have had a lot of practice with. We kick and scream, not understanding why the thing we desire hasn’t shown up yet or why something else has shown up in its place. Sometimes it’s something that we didn’t ask for and then we feel disappointed and frustrated, thinking that God hasn’t answered our prayers. But what we need to realize is that God hears everything we ask for and is bringing to us that which is for our highest and best good but it’s often in God’s timing, not ours. If we can trust and allow God to do God’s work, we can receive the wonderful blessings that God has in store for us.

Trust that Spirit is indeed on your side giving you exactly what is needed for your growth and expansion. Spirit gives us what we need, not always what we want. And so instead of thinking God forgot your address, know that God is still right by your side supporting you and loving you through the journey of life.

Affirmation: I trust that the Universe is bringing to me all that I desire at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Science of Mind Treatment:

I know that there is one life, one peace, one power that transcends all things. God is that unending stream of light, love, and joy that rains down upon all things, all beings, and all situations. And I recognize and am grateful that this power is the same power that is contained within all beings as I know that we are all one with this presence. It vibrates through all, as all. And knowing this, I declare that the ability to trust the divine flow of life is a deep knowing within me and all beings. All fears, doubts, and concerns fall away and are replaced with a deep certainty in the power of God to bring forward that which is for each person’s highest and best good always and in all ways. There is nothing that God cannot do and therefore, I know that all that is asked for is given and I trust each person is gifted with all that is needed to support their growth and expansion, bringing joy and happiness to their heart and to their life. I give thanks for the grand and graceful power that is God and the beautiful manifestations that are occurring for each and every person. And I release this into the law of love and creation; that all powerful law that always says yes.

And so it is!

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