Relationships as a Path of Spiritual Growth

Relationships can be a primary motivator for change in one’s life. Whether this change comes from people moving (actual physical moving or distancing through a change in work or leaving this spiritual plane) or whether the change comes due to deep disagreement, lack of communication or fear. All of these changes bring an uncomfortable feeling and the realization that change is happening. With this physical change, there can be emotional and spiritual change.

Your choice as to how you choose to experience these changes in relationships can be different at different times in your life. There is not a nice upslope of learning as you get older. As a life relationship brings on more experiences, it might mean more layers of fear, disappointment or worry. Whether the relationship offers turmoil and chaos of cross communication or whether it is a pure loving and accepting relationship, both lead to changes. They lead to the changes that make you the person you are today. Changes might be pushed by external experiences, but the true change is the internal change that you choose to make.

All relationships are God relationships because there is only One. Relationships provide opportunities to learn more about oneself and they provide opportunities to grow, learn and remember the truth about yourself and all people.

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