ebertThis month, we are collecting new teddy bears and any other stuffed animals along with new toys for the North Campus of Children’s Hospital, located on Hwy 7.

In 1897, the idea for a children’s hospital in Colorado began with summer tent hospitals for babies inspired by Dr. Minnie C.T. Love. Denver’s high-country ventilation was touted as a cure for a variety of diseases. Using a mix of fresh air and Colorado sunshine, six medical staff and volunteer nurses treated up to 50 children under the age of five.  Early on, those volunteers saw a need for a “permanent” hospital that would “care for sick, injured and crippled children from birth to 16 years of age, irrespective of sex, creed, color, nationality or place of birth,” that would be supported mainly by volunteer contributions. With that lofty goal to guide them, this same group of intrepid volunteers officially incorporated as Children’s Hospital Colorado on May 9, 1908.

They see more, treat more and heal more children than any hospital in a seven-state region.  With an optimist’s outlook, a pioneer’s hunger and a celebrated history, they are creating the future of child health.  They are a caring community called to honor the sacred trust of their patients, family and each other through humble expertise, generous service and boundless creativity!  The North Campus is a 24/7 urgent care facility that also has a 6-bed inpatient area that allows kids to be treated for 72 hours.  The stuffed animals and toys we provide will be given to children to help nurture, hug and eliminate fear during their stay.

Meet Elbert, a very happy brown bear and Mascot of Children’s Hospital (and Denver Zoo).  Named after the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, Mount Elbert, his favorite cause is promoting healthy eating, kid safety, caring for animals and an active lifestyle.