thireThursdayI stand for Health! Being a practitioner for 23 years has given me a unique perspective about health for myself and others. As much as I know and embody the oneness that we are, I have had to work with separation to go deeper into the oneness and see God in which there is no dis-ease.

If God is everywhere present all the time, how is that we experience so many kinds of sickness as human beings? Are we doing something wrong? Are we not holding a high enough consciousness? For me the answer is no. For many people it yes or maybe. Can we just change our beliefs and shift our consciousness? Yes, and often this is very elusive.

Personally, I have been healthy all my life with few minor exceptions. When I realize what and where the issue is, I visualize the Divine energy of the Universe flowing through me with the perfect vibration being activated in me bringing this human body into alignment with my higher power. Therefore, any sense of dis-ease simply disappears.

This Divine flow shows up in many ways. Sometimes it’s a doctor, a supplement, an energy worker, or a shift in beliefs. These out-picturings are God in action. It’s up to us to listen to the still small voice inside of each of us that is sometime called intuition. I call it Spirit that we as the out-picturing of the Divine put into action.

If you would like to know more, please contact me at or 831-239-7623. For now, know this…

God is all there is, everywhere present all the time, creating the context for all aliveness. With this knowing, the Divine is within each one of allowing us to connect with each other heart to heart, soul to soul, creating a Divine flow that is more than each of us individually. From this knowing of God, I know everything is perfection and there is no room for disease. I feel that Divine perfection in the very vibration of my being and allows me to tap into the inner strength that is God which is without disease. From this heart space, I am very grateful and filled with the thanksgiving of the ages. I am at ease and I let go and let God knowing all is done. And so it is.

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