My Grateful Heart: Rev. Lea Alvarado

Hello lovely beings,

This month’s theme is Gratitude and there is so much to be grateful for! I’m incredibly grateful to have been guided to this amazing community three and a half years ago. I was a Practitioner at Mile Hi at the time and I had just completed my first year in ministerial school when I heard that Rev. Jyoti accepted the Senior Minister role at CSLBV. It wasn’t long after I heard the news that I felt called to leave Mile Hi and move my Practitioner License to CSLBV in order to serve Rev. Jyoti and the center.

This was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made, as I have gotten the opportunity to grow and expand as a human being, a spiritual being, and also as a minister and a leader. I’m grateful for Rev. Jyoti’s encouragement and support of my ministry, always saying to me, “Do what you are passionate about!” She gave me full permission to explore new things, share my talents and gifts and loved and encouraged me every step of the way. I feel much gratitude in my heart for what she has done for me, as it has prepared me for the role I will step into as the Senior Minister of CSLBV at the end of September.

In preparation for my new role, I have been meeting with Rev. Jyoti, as well as other CSL Ministers, the Board of Trustees, and our Practitioner’s to gather information that will support me in being the best spiritual leader I can possibly be. In addition, Rev. Jyoti and I, along with the Board of Trustees and Practitioners are working hard to ensure that the transition is done with grace and ease. If you have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

As we move through this time of transition together, I invite you to join me in an energy of gratitude, thanking God for all that is unfolding for each of us. In our teaching, we give thanks in advance because we know that when we feel gratitude for something we want in our life, that energy brings it to us quicker because we are giving thanks as if it has already manifested. And so we give thanks for the incredible growth and expansion of our beloved community! We give thanks for the love and light that continues to envelop CSLBV, drawing to it an abundance of new members, an abundance of financial good, an abundance of classes that heal, uplift and inspire, an abundance of families and youth, and an abundance of love, joy, harmony, and peace! I am grateful, we are grateful. God is good!

Much love & infinite gratitude,
Rev. Lea

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