Metaphysics or Metaphysician?

Metaphysician: An expert in or student of the branch of Philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being and knowing.

Reading about or talking to people about metaphysics can be interesting and fun; however, the rubber meets the road when a consistent practice is embraced. Observing or witnessing ourselves can be a hotbed of transformation and is one of the main foundations for metaphysical growth. Daily spiritual practice can be fun and super rewarding! Melding self observation and metaphysical practice is the invitation on the table. An excellent entrée is to set a timer at the beginning of daily spiritual practice and then stick to it. Our ego’s seem to be gentled when a timer is employed and it gives us a boundary, “I don’t have to do anymore or any less than this!”

When I first got interested in meditation years ago I asked a practicing Buddhist for coaching. He said, in a very offhand manner, “just set a timer for two minutes, don’t to do anymore or any less.” I found it fascinating that after a couple of weeks I wanted more so I started setting the timer for five minutes, my practice slowly ramped up. The timer, for whatever reason, gave me encouragement to practice daily! My quality of life skyrocketed!

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