Metaphysical – Whole, Complete and Perfect

We generally define metaphysical as beyond the physical senses or what we cannot measure or detect through objective studies of material reality.

Very broadly defined, it is philosophy that seeks to answer what things are, what they are like, and why they exist. Under this definition, even something such as the creative process could be described as metaphysical. The synchronicities that show up in our lives like all green lights while driving or the parking space in the perfect place are metaphysical, and we are aware they are happening. When these simple experiences come into our lives we are grateful and feel blessed, but we don’t always think about the meaning of our reality when they happen.

When you bring metaphysics into the spiritual realm connects us to everything, the whole, or what we call oneness, spirit, or God. Connection to each other is the human experience and connection to the soul, while connecting to our world, takes it one step further to connect us to that higher existence. When we connect the physical realm and the spiritual realm we are aware that everything is whole, complete and perfect and always has been. It brings that oneness home to us.

I am whole, complete, and perfect!

This is a spiritual principle that is simple, but not easy to grasp at the beginning of a spiritual journey until when you realize it’s always there, to relax into it, accept and allow that it exists. With all our foibles and scars, we are exactly who we are supposed to be, as we are. In the metaphysical realm, and as a soul, you are, and always will be, that person. Thankfully, each of us is so unique and amazing, life would be incredibly sad and stale if we were all alike.

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete. I no longer choose to believe in old limitations and lack. I now choose to begin to see myself as the Universe sees me – perfect, whole, and complete. The truth of my Being is that I was created perfect, whole, and complete. I will always be perfect, whole, and complete. I now choose to live my life from this understanding. I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. All is well in my world.” ~Louise Hay

Open to the metaphysical happenings in your life. Connect to others while staying connected to yourself. Rest in the knowing that you and everyone else is Whole, complete and perfect.

Barbra Fang Babcock, RScP

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