Our Inherent Goodness

Our inherent goodness can be covered up or obscured, but it can never be destroyed. We all have divine goodness at our foundation and core. It holds all possibilities and is a fundamental part of our make up and being.

“This divine goodness is not limited; it is not parceled out to individuals. It is totally boundless, unlimited and endless, for it reflects the transcendence of true nature that appears in time and space as boundless and infinite. It is boundless goodness.” – DiamondApproach.org

Ernest Holmes, our founder, felt that one’s true essence is Goodness, Wholeness, and Truth, and that people operate within a law of nature which is impersonal. No one can rob us of our own soul, and our spirit is already one with the eternal goodness.

One of the background patterns that humans take on in this culture is being resigned and cynical. This is a “go-to” way of being. Often times this is deep programming from family, religion, and schooling. Inviting forward that eternal goodness when one notices the cynicism and resignation creeping up is an excellent way to shift gears into a higher quality of life. Say Yes To Your Goodness!

“We believe in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-Kindness and the eternal Givingness of Life to All!” – Ernest Holmes

James Stallcup, RScP

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