June Outreach: Boulder Bridge House

The Boulder Bridge House Ready to Work program: Creating a Culture of Opportunity for Homeless and Low Income Adults

Our Ready to Work program is a year-long transition program for formerly homeless men and women where they receive housing, employment, intensive case management, employment classes, computer lab, laundry, showers, meals, really everything they need. We have 44 beds and graduate about 50 people a year to their own full-time job and apartment! It’s been very successful and exciting to see our trainees turn their lives around. They must stay sober during the program and we have LOTS of support to help them achieve their goals.

When they graduate we would love to offer them tangible support as they move in to their new apartment so that they don’t have to spend all of their savings on basic need supplies. It would be such a blessing to have support from the community in purchasing these items for them! A list is below of what we’d ideally like to present each Trainee. You could decide to sponsor one or as many Trainees as you wish, upon their graduation. Graduation happens throughout the year, as everyone’s timeline is different. Most of these items can be bought relatively cheaply in department stores, the total may be between $200 – $300 per Trainee depending on what deals are found.

  1. Bath towel sets
  2. Kitchen towel sets including oven mitts and pot holders
  3. Bathroom rugs
  4. Shower curtains
  5. Dishes
  6. Pots and pans
  7. Silverware
  8. Glassware
  9. Sheets
  10. Blankets

More about Boulder Bridge House: www.BoulderBridgeHouse.org

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