I have given myself a challenge to live more spiritually and intentionally this summer. Like most of us, I find myself behind the wheel more than I like. I have always been an optimistic driver – sure that I can get to my destination quicker than last time. So when I ask the drivers around me “What color green do you want”: that translates now to “I bless you on your way; and may my way continue to be clear.”

I have identified certain street names with friends and when I pass those streets, I send them a blessing thought. A thought of love and light to enrich their day. I bless the drivers of the cars that pass me – even on the left. I am working on blessing the drivers in front of me that stop at the turn even though they have an acceleration lane.

I try to use the time I am stopped at stop lights to take a deep, calming breath and then to say my current affirmations. The stop lights don’t seem as long and I’m sure my blood pressure is lowered. And my affirmation work gets done!

I have extended my challenge to online. Like everyone else, I am forced to change my passwords at the most inopportune times. This summer, I am experimenting with creating passwords that bring family members to mind so that the password is now an affirmative prayer. Every time I am required to enter the password, I am encouraged to bring the prayer and the family member to my consciousness.

I say I try because it is very easy to be caught up with the busyness of life; the shopping list, the to-do lists, the people watching… Intentional living can be done with a little creative forethought.

Consider giving yourself a challenge to live more intentionally! Look for ways to turn everyday tasks to spiritual events and places to plug in some spiritual activities. Let us know where you can find places to reframe the moments in your day.

Sandy Rinehart
Treasurer and Vice President