Heart Lamp

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright. 

During this time of the year when hours of darkness outnumber the light, it’s no wonder celebrations and holy days are abundant. The bringing in of lights to illuminate the darkness comforts and reminds us that no matter the lack of daylight, we are always guided in our journey. In the calm of the dark days of winter, we have the opportunity to go within and shine the light of intention on the spaces that often go unnoticed. Here, we give to ourselves the gift of reflection and discernment regarding what serves us and what we are ready to release. 

“The divine spark – shot from central fires of the Universal Flame – is able to warm other souls by the radiance of its own self-unfoldment.”  (The Science of Mind, page 368)

Son of God, love’s pure light

We are each an expression of the One Divine Power and Presence, bringing into this world the pure light of love by our very existence. We are emissaries of Love and by being present even in the darkness of this time of the year, we honor, celebrate, and share the Divinity in every person we encounter. 

Radiant beams from Thy holy face

Through the darkness, we are reminded of the brilliance of our own light, luminous and ever present. And when we gather together with love and in celebration, the illusion of darkness dissipates, our inner brilliance joins with that of all others. Our shared Divinity, radiantly shining in each smile and embrace, echoing through our greetings and laughter, reverberates throughout, bringing light and love to a world in need. 

Glories stream from heaven afar

In this season of celebrating light, also embracing the dark enables us to experience the brilliance of light that is often hidden in the brightness of day. In the darkness, the stars appear, bright and clear, the moon illuminated, reflects the sun’s presence, even when we cannot see it, just as Divine Love is ever present even when we do not feel it. It is as constant as the stars, the moon, and the sun, ever present. 

Sleep in heavenly peace.

And so, as we settle into our long winter’s nap, we affirm the promise of the return of the light,and we honor and celebrate this season – the colorful blinking lights that adorn our spaces and the magnificence of the night sky. We reflect on our inner luminosity and connect with others’ illumination to bring Divine Light into the world. 


As I embrace and nurture my own Divine Spark, I celebrate the season by sharing my light with others, blessing all I meet.

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