Message From the Board:

Dear Friends,

Last month, I shared with you that the Board of Trustees was reading the book Growing an Engaged Church by Albert L. Winseman. This month, I want to let you know that the Board has met and discussed this book, and taken to heart its simple yet profound message. So, the Board will be taking some action and making a few changes.

One thing that is high on our list of priorities, and which we plan to accomplish at our September Board retreat, is to up-date and revise our community’s mission and vision statements. In particular, we plan to develop a mission statement that is short and that clearly says what we do in the world. It will be something that everyone in the community can memo-rize and say with ease. In the process, we may also propose updating our current vision statement.

You will hear Board members asking you what you love to do. We truly want to know what work calls to you. You will hear us asking you what it means to be a member of this magnificent community. And you will notice us listening to your response.

You will hear Rev. Jyoti and our Practitioners asking about your personal spiritual path, where you have been on it, where you are now, and where you are going. We really care and want to support you.

Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley is a growing community. It is growing in numbers and it is growing in the activity of its Soul. An awakening is happening. It is a spiral dance of awareness, a vibration of coming home, an invita-tion of Spirit. I don’t need to invite you in. If you are reading this, you are probably already a part of this dance.

What I will do though, is suggest to you that you invite others in. The growth is happening. The movement toward total engagement is real. I’ve said before that there is no limit to what we can become. Now, I see a different horizon and I know that we have already taken that first step.

Love and light,

Laura L. McGee, R.Sc.P.
President, Board of Trustees