This is a busy and exciting time for the board. Recently most of the board was able to go to a full day seminar in Golden with Centers for Spiritual Living (Home Office). The seminar was part of a series for “Boards that work for Everyone.”

We learned lots of good information in several aspects that will affect us now and in the future. We got legal information about leasing and sub-leasing, handling bookstores and Day Care facilities as well as how to keep our 501C-3 status.

As we prepare to go to our annual retreat, this new information will help us set up new policy and procedures to help us be a more productive board as we serve the Center.

Representatives of the board have held a meeting with professional commercial realtors to begin the search for our new home.

Jim Schink joined the board as a Member at Large. We are preparing to formalize the addition of Rev. (soon to be) Lea to our leadership team.
Final preparations are being made for the grand party on Nov. 9th for Rev. Jyoti and Rev. Lea. (See more information later in this newsletter.)

On a more personal note:

As many of you know, my husband, Bob, is currently fighting lung cancer. In March, the routine scan showed that a small spot had tripled in size in less than 3 months. In May, he had a lobectomy to remove his upper left lobe of his lung. We learned then that it was cancer and because it has spread to some of his lymph nodes, he was diagnosed as being stage 2A. While applying to be included in a clinical trial, another scan and then a biopsy, found more cancer and his new diagnoses was updated to Stage 3A.

Because of the speed of the growth of the cancer, his doctors suggest that he begin a regiment of radiation and chemotherapy combined for six to eight weeks. That is where we are now. Radiation five days a week and chemo all Monday morning.

Most people know Bob from the Center, especially from the potlucks. Many people ask for an update and offer to pray for us. I am willing to share the facts of the journey that we are on. I know people really care. I enjoyed the support of the center when I had my breast cancer in 2014. This new support is very comforting.

Someone asked me what the Science of Mind has to do with this journey. Sharing the facts as they are currently known allows the people who care to understand the situation and pray more effectively.

But, we are not superstitious, talking about Cancer and the facts of the situation doesn’t give the Cancer power over us. Those are the facts on the physical plane but not the Spiritual Truth of Bob’s Perfect Health. We don’t yet know where the Cancer journey will take us.

Thanks again for supporting us on this journey and offering to pray. I will try to keep everyone updated as our journey continues to play out.
If you get a chance, wish Bob a happy birthday (Oct 27).

Blessings, Sandy