From the Board: Sandy Rinehart

After the annual meeting, the Board has a mini meeting to solidify the positions.  Linda Williamson volunteered to be our Secretary replacing Barbara Weirich who has completed her term on the Board.

Catherine Snider, who has been an exceptional Treasurer for two years, has moved up to President of the Board.

As Vice-President, I support Catherine and fill in when needed. I love her commitment to lead the Board and set us in the right direction.  We, as a Board, are excited in the growth of our Center and the support of our new classes and monthly events.

As Treasurer, I have accepted the stewardship of our treasury – our financial health.  The Center is currently financially sound and will grow as our Center grows.

I am finding that there are many annual and quarterly reports required beside the monthly Board reports. I have the privilege to provide the financial support to our guest speakers and musicians and our paid staff that support our Sunday services. And, of course, pay the bills.

I am currently recruiting a couple of members to be on the weekly count team.  I have requested that the Practitioners create a Counting Affirmation for the team.  We want to set the consciousness for the task to allow us to move the blessed basket contents into the bank deposit. We honor every gift and keep it in confidence as we do the task.

If you are interested in helping for about 20 minutes after the service, please let me know. With a large enough pool of counters, everyone will only help every 3 or 4 weeks.

We all support the Center with our time and treasure. Be assured, we honor and appreciate your financial help as well as your volunteered time.

Thank you from the Board for all your support.

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