September already! I wasn’t quite finished with summer, even though this is my favorite time of year; of stunning transformation and readying for quiet introspection. But let me tell you about the shortest two minutes of my life…


This summer I went four hours north into Wyoming and camped on a cattle ranch for the total solar eclipse on August 21st. On the ranch there was a collection of about 75 folks visiting from Poland, Germany, and Pennsylvania to California, and many Colorado Front Range towns. It was an instant community of campers, grateful for the rancher’s generous hospitality, at a fair price. Yes some other places and hotels in the path of eclipse totality went mercenary, raising their room prices up to $1000 per night for this special event!

The eclipse was truly incredible. I have no words to describe the color and quality of light on the ground as Lady Moon covered the Sun. Crickets actually started up chirping, the cattle began to lay down, the planets and stars shined and the sky to the west turned pink as though in sunset, only the sun was straight overhead…Woohoo!! It was a fascinating celestial event.

Beyond indescribable feelings, yet somewhere between true tranquility along with amazement and awe, my jaw simply dropped when I saw for the first time in my life the awaited corona, Bailey’s Beads, the diamond ring effect and witnessed totality. I was transfixed (and a little transformed) by this ethereal vision in the sky.

It was the shortest two minutes of my life.

Reactions of the others were wide ranging, some very quietly reverent and spiritually moved, some physically filled with actual silly giddiness, one girl could not stop smiling, many folks could only say ‘oh my god’.

This eclipse showed us communal growth (right there on the ranch), personal internal and external growth in feelings and thoughts, and that we can get through sudden change effortlessly. But as Science of Minders, you already knew that.

Love & Light,

Linda Williamson
CSL-BV Board Member-at-Large

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