I have noticed that change is in the air. My dentist of 20 years has decided to retire right in the middle of another dental crisis for my mouth.  My favorite knitting magazine is no longer being published.  Plastic straws are being withdrawn from our culture for the sake of the environment.  I want to stamp my foot to show that I don’t want to have change. I want things to stay the same.

I am sure people who know about these things will say that change is being required for our universe to grow.

We, on the board, are adapting and preparing for the changes happening here at CSLBV. We have written and approved a new Letter of Call for Rev. Lea Alvarado and are making the transition by moving more tasks toward our new Senior Minister.  We are preparing for the new minister and planning a nice “Retirement Party for Rev. Jyoti” on Friday September 20.

This challenge has brought us together as we prepare for the new happenings here at CSLBV.  We hope you too are moving forward also.  Join our adventure and come and support us.

Sandy Rinehart
VP and Treasurer

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