Change, change, change!  As I write my last newsletter column, Mary and I are on the road to Grand Junction in a U-Haul van with the first load of stuff for our new home.  We’ll just be there for a few days this time – to arrange for painting and new flooring and countertops so we’ll be ready to move at the end of September or in October. What an exciting new adventure we are on!

And how exciting and wonderful it is to have our beloved Rev. Lea ready to take over as Senior Minister at Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley. Though I didn’t really expect to retire this soon, I’ve always sensed that I was building up this amazing Center for someone younger to take over.  What a relief it is for me to have someone as dynamic, well-qualified and open-hearted as Rev. Lea to assume spiritual leadership of this community that I love so much.  God is good and continues to express magnificently as CSLBV!

The Board, Practitioners, volunteers, and Rev. Lea and I have been working together to make the transition as smooth as possible.  What an amazing Board and Practitioner Core we have, coming up with new ideas and resources, along with Rev. Lea, of course.

Am I gushing?  This is such a great community.  It’s no wonder.  I love you and I have loved being your Senior Minister and getting to know so many of you personally.  My heart overflows with gratitude for ALL of you and I will miss you more than you can imagine.

Last week, Mary and Rev. Lea and I had the pleasure of attending SOAR – CSL’s Summer Retreat at Asilomar.  What a wonderful experience!  The summer retreats are not just for ministers and practitioners, they’re wonderful opportunities for anyone to get away and get inspired by great speakers and fabulous music.  The theme of the retreat was ‘On Sacred Ground,” and it was sweet to be at Asilomar where Religious Science retreats have been held for many many years, and where Ernest Holmes spoke many times, including his last public talk – The Sermon by the Sea.  We were reminded again and again that just as Asilomar is sacred ground, sacred ground is something we take with us.  Here at CSLBV, our tag line is Love Lives Here, and we know that that means it’s sacred ground.  And wherever YOU are is sacred ground if you claim it as such.  Please do!

I’m honored that the church is planning a going-away party for Mary and I on Friday, September 20th.  (Our last Sunday is the 22nd)  I hope to see you there.  I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons on the 12thand the 19th. Give me a call if you’d like to come in and chat or pray, OK?  And of course I look forward to seeing you on my remaining Sundays!

Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed, and you ARE a blessing.  May your life and your changes feel like gifts!

Love, love, love,
Reverend Jyoti