Greetings Beloveds!

May is filled with opportunity and blessings:

  • May you be blessed!
  • May you be happy and grateful!
  • May you be prosperous!
  • May you have work and people that you love!
  • May all that you plant, in your garden and in your mind, blossom beautifully!
  • May you be filled with compassion for yourself and others!

Last month I had the opportunity for a wonderful several-day solitary retreat, and what a blessing it was.  I was at Joyful Journeys Hot Springs in Moffat, Colorado – a delightful place that has tipis, yurts, ‘regular’ hotel rooms, great hot springs, healthy food, and an amazing labyrinth that I walked over and over and over, even though it was quite chilly.  When we take time to restore our souls, whether in a get-away retreat or in our daily spiritual practice, life gets easier, colors are brighter, and possibilities expand.  I encourage you to take good care of yourself – you deserve it and will be able to be more creative, be of greater service, and have greater patience and compassion for yourself and others.

Our theme for May is compassion. What IS compassion, anyway, especially in this day and age and social environment? Where does compassion show up in your life?  Are you compassionate toward yourself, or does everyone else always come first? Are you patient enough to be compassionate with others? Are there areas of your life where you want to express more compassion? What keeps you from doing so? Come and experience and explore compassion on Sunday mornings with us!

In springtime, we see amazing abundance all around us – rabbits, dandelions, tulips, and zillions of fresh green leaves bursting forth from millions of branches.  As you notice the abundance of life around you, please remember that it is within you as well!  I invite you to open to prosperity in every area of your life – plenty to enjoy and to share!

April was a great month at CSL Boulder Valley – great music, great response to our Coal Creek Meals on Wheels Outreach project, and great enthusiasm.  Our congregation is growing, and it’s wonderful to connect with the new folks that are showing up at our events and on Sunday mornings. If you haven’t been to CSLBV in a while (or EVER!) come and check out our inspiring Sunday Morning Celebration Service at 10am each week.  Thanks to all in our choir that performed on Easter – you were GREAT!  And thanks to our wonderful Music Director, Karen Karsh, for providing such enthusiastic and inspiring music, and for bringing in such great guest artists.

May will be a great month also – with an inspiring meditation, movie, Third Thursday Spiritual Forum, and our Social Uplift Ministry (SUM) discussion on Religious Diversity and Inclusion.  Practitioner Kelly Robbins is teaching New Foundations starting May 13th. It’s a life-changing course that will deepen you into the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit and will inspire you to step into an even more magnificent life.  Our Outreach project for May is Mother House,a residential program in Boulder.  They take in at-risk women in their second trimester of pregnancy and help them prepare for their future.  They’ve been doing great work since 1982 and we are honored to support them.

In May, I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons from 2:30-5:30, as usual.  I’m also glad to be in the office at other times by appointment, or to get together for coffee and conversation.  Feel free to call if you’d like to come in to chat or to pray, or if you have ideas or suggestions you’d like to share.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings and at our other events!

Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!