From My Heart: A World the Works for Everyone!

Dear Ones:

This month’s theme is: “A World that Works for Everyone,” which is part of the global vision for Centers for Spiritual Living: “We envision a world that works for everyone and for all of creation.” What a beautiful statement. It makes me proud to be a part of an organization that supports all beings and recognizes the light that is within us all. I’m thrilled to have been chosen as the spiritual leader of this community. It is clear to me however, that this is a co-creative partnership between myself, the divine, and all of you.

Truly, we have one of the most amazing teachings on the planet gifted to us by our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes. I’m grateful and humbled by the opportunity to bring these teachings and life-giving principles into all that we do. We also have the most incredible community of people (all of you) who make our Center what it is – a place where love lives and a place where people feel at home the moment they walk in the door.

Our teaching transforms, heals, and inspires positive change in people’s lives. As we move forward in the weeks and months to come, I ask for your partnership in knowing that we will continue to be an even greater healing presence to more and more people. In October, I’ll be conducting a visioning process and all of you are invited to participate. It will be a two-part process that will begin on October 20th and continue on November 3rd following Sunday Service. I will put up various questions around the sanctuary on large post-its and I’ll be asking everyone for their feedback and input. Questions such as, “What will our church look like 3 years from now? Who is our future audience? What are the potential challenges? How will we grow? What changes do you want to see? And many more.

Currently, the average attendance on Sundays is around 30. Over the next 3 years, I see this number growing to 150 and more. I’m knowing by the end of 3 years, that we’ve moved into a beautiful new sanctuary, our music ministry has expanded to include an amazing band, we are abundant financially, with money continuously flowing in on a regular basis, allowing us to grow and serve the community through more classes and programs. These programs will include a youth and family program, paid staff, including an assistant minister, a bookkeeper, an administrative assistant, a youth director, and a marketing/social media specialist. The more we grow, the more lives we can touch, uplift, and inspire, and the more we can contribute to the healing of humanity and our planet. I’m holding this vision and I ask all of you to join me in this. I look forward to partnering with all of you to help grow our Center and create A World that Works for Everyone!

Thank you for your love, your support, and your partnership.

Much love and infinite blessings,

Rev. Lea

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