About Our Ministry

Our intention for the youth that we serve is to:

  • Honor each young person that we meet.
  • Recognize the important role that we, the community, play in making this space safe and sacred for our youth.
  • Cultivate hope through the power of our youth.
  • Continue to cast the vision for a thriving youth ministry that offers learning opportunities for all ages, including teens.
  • Send youth in our community to UCSL Global Camp.
  • Align with other United Centers for Spiritual Living communities through common curriculum.
  • Be the village that raises the children and allow the children to raise the village.
  • Celebrate family in all its forms.

Youth Ministry is offered every Sunday during Services at 10am.

Positions Open: Teacher and Assistant Teacher

Want to spend time with some great kids?  The Children’s Ministry Coordinator Position has been filled by Laura McGee.

We still have room for you, however, if you’d like to be a teacher or assistant teacher once a month.  The rewards are huge in the form of being able to work with kids and knowing that you are making an important difference in individual kids’ lives, in your spiritual community, and in the world.

The curriculum is ready, we have plenty of supplies, and you will be supported by Laura and by the leadership of CSLBV.  If this opportunity calls to you, please email us at or contact Laura McGee at 303-638-9586.