The enneagram is a powerful and dynamic system that describes nine fundamentally different personality types, defined as patterns of believing, thinking, feeling, and acting. (“Ennea” is Greek for nine.) These nine distinct patterns describe what individuals typically pay attention to, how they direct their energy, what underlying spiritual beliefs they tend to develop, and how childhood perception of “threats” or fears provided an unconscious impetus for shaping spiritual values and morality. Each person has a dominant personality type, with some of the characteristics of other types. Learning the enneagram will enhance your ability to understand personal dynamics – your own and that of others. It will immediately help you improve relationships and communication. It will expand your repertoire of responses, and help you consider new values when problem solving and setting priorities. The enneagram provides a greater understanding of yourself and your basic beliefs, promoting freedom, compassion, joy and peace. For more information, see and

Presenter Biography. Bev Johnson is passionate about helping individuals and groups enjoy greater satisfaction and success in life and work. She has worked in schools and corporations, sharing a knowledge base that supports expanding awareness, defining wholeness and supporting higher functioning on all aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In her work as an organization development specialist, Bev discovered how the enneagram is an effective tool for advancing leadership capacity and group functioning. She has been a serious student and practitioner of the enneagram and the Nine Essential Aspects for over 15 years.

Thursday, May 16; 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Center for Spiritual Living  Boulder Valley

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