Meditation is an ancient practice that is an integral part of a spiritual life and is advocated by all spiritual traditions in one form or another. Meditation quiets the mind, reveals one’s essential nature, and allows the soul to hear the whispers of Sacred Spirit. In this presentation, Ray Wynfield will give an overview of meditation practices and its benefits, and then lead attendees through several Mantra Meditations. He will start with Neti, Neti, a classic Hindu meditation roughly translated as Not this, Not that, which brings one face to face with one’s essential nature. He will then introduce several Chakra Meditations, each of which has a series of mantras leading one deeper and deeper into the virtues associated with that Chakra. Handouts of the mantras will be provided. Refreshments and opportunity for interaction with Ray and other attendees will follow the meditations.

Third Thursday Spiritual Forum
March 21, 2019, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley
107 E. Geneseo St, Lafayette, CO

Presenter Biography. Ray Wynfield has spent the better part of his life heavily involved with practicing and teaching meditation. He first became possessed by meditation in college fifty years ago, after finding that the common youthful trio of drugs, sex, and rock-n-roll were vacuous and unfulfilling. After graduation, he then spent most of the next decade of his life meditating and studying texts on metaphysics and meditation, much of that time in seclusion in a remote cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Meditation not only saved his life, it gave him a life. A calm, peaceful, and happy life. He has been teaching meditation at Unity, Science of Mind, and other churches throughout the country for thirty years. He currently leads a weekly meditation group at Columbine Unity in Lafayette.

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