Spiritual Principles and Practices




New CSL Certified Course!

Living the best possible life takes practice, practice, practice. Discover proven practices that bring spiritual principle into action allowing you to manifest a desired goal or intention. Through this course, which offers spiritual practices and their methods that you can begin using NOW, you will begin to see results and changes in your life.

What You’ll Take Away:

  • Discover proven Spiritual Practices
  • Learn how to manifest a goal or intention
  • Uncover new, fun ways to create positive change in your life

Date: Tuesday, April 27th – June 4th (no class 5/11)
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm via zoom

Investment opportunities:

  • What I can afford: $69
  • Retail Price $129
  • I’m feeling abundant I’d like to support another person: $269

Required text: This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes   ISBN: 1585426075

This is a certified course through CSL. There is an additional $45 fee to receive CSL certification.
Registration Deadline Monday, April 26th.

Led by Kelly Robbins, RScP.

Kelly Robbins, MA, RScP, is passionate about helping each of us cut fresh tracks in our lives, which is why she became a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at CSLBV. Kelly’s mission is assisting seekers to understand Universal Law and healing through affirmative prayer. Kelly believes that by living your divine purpose, approaching life as a fun adventure, and trusting your next step we can all achieve the goal of creating our own fresh tracks.

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What I can afford $69, Retail price $129, Abundant support $269