I believe that our purpose for being here is to be love and to extend love, as it is the very essence of who we are. We know this when we first come into the world and gradually, over time, we forget. And then we spend the rest of our lives trying to remember, as some part of us knows this is the truth of our being and gently nudges us towards people and experiences that will open us and help us return to love.

We learn about love through relationships, whether its romantic relationships, work relationships, or through our own families. We learn through others what love truly is. Challenging people and experiences come into our lives as great teachers, helping us to master love. Jesus mastered love and spent his life sharing that love with others. No matter what mistakes people made or what bad behaviors they exhibited, he saw them through the lens of love. We too can master love but we have to be willing to look deeper, beyond the simple gifts and boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. It’s the very core of who we are but when we are wounded in relationships, each time this happens we shut off another part of ourselves and the walls begin to grow. We naively think that we need to protect ourselves but what we are actually doing is separating ourselves from God; separating ourselves from the love that dwells within. We have forgotten who we are.

To master love, it requires us to make a conscious choice in every situation; to move into our hearts and allow the love that is already there as an expression of God to radiate and shine forth, dismantling the walls and opening us. It’s then when we remember that we are the pure love that God is. If we have the courage to let go and breathe into the love that is there within us, we can not only heal ourselves but the planet. Love is the highest vibration there is and if we open our hearts wide enough to allow this love to come through, we can heal. It is the magical salve that has the power to break down walls, whether they are around our own hearts or between countries. It starts with us. In each moment, we can either choose love or hate. We can choose to see through a new lens, whether we are looking at ourselves, someone in our family, or the President of the United States. All of us, no matter who are or what mistakes we’ve made, at our very core, each of us is love. And we are each connected to one another through this love.

Tap into this pure light within and allow it to heal you and open your heart even more fully and then share it with the world. This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to others.


Love is the very essence of who I am and I now choose to express it fully in every area of my life.


God is the energy that heals, transforms, and uplifts. It is the grace that permeates all things, all beings, and all situations. The love that God is is contained within every being, as we are each one with this divine intelligence. This energy radiates through every cell and every fiber of who we are. It is the energy that sources our life and guides us to opportunities and experiences to expand our consciousness even more deeply. I know and affirm that every person, every being allows this love, this pure energy of spirit to shine forth from within, touching every aspect of their life, washing away fear, anxiousness, and worry, replacing it with trust, love and an inner knowing that all is well. I declare in this moment that this is the truth of every being and that this love is transforming and healing to all. I give thanks for this love; this profound energy that God is, knowing that it moves in, through, around, and for each and every person, guiding them to their highest and best good. I now release this into the open arms of Source, knowing it is done without pause and without prejudice. I let this go. I surrender it into the law of love and creation that always says yes. And so it is!

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