Do you ever feel like you are your own biggest obstacle? Like you know every-thing you need to know in your head and yet can’t seem to live it in your life? Like you have failed? Try this . . .

I am one with the One. I am part of the All. I am perfect, whole and complete, right now.

In this perfect and infinite moment, which is now, and in this perfect and eternal place, which is here, I feel, sense, know, and experience, the presence of the One. That which is all that there is. That which I call God, but which can go by many names. It is the creator and source of all. It is the wisdom behind all of that which it creates. It is the creation. It is all that there is, and it is perfect. It can be nothing else.

Since I am, I must be, since it is all that there is, made in, of, by, as, It. I must be a part of it. I must be a part of all that is. I must be a child of God. I must be divine. There are, quite simply, no other options, since God is all there is.

Knowing this, and in absolute faith, I right now declare this Truth. That I am who I am. That who I am is a part of the One. That because of these given and immutable facts, I must be perfect, whole and complete in who I am right now. I don’t need to try to be anything different. I don’t need to try to be good. I don’t need to try to be better looking, taller, smarter, more abundant, younger, or busier. Because of who I am, I am all beauty, I am all grace, I am intelligent beyond measure, I am one with the source of all, I am ageless and eternal, I am complete surrender into the arms of a loving God. I am joy, harmony, balance, wisdom, peace and love. I am divinely guided in all that I undertake. I am perfect, whole, and complete, just the way I am. I step into that knowingness now. I step into that wisdom right now. I step into that being, right now. I am divinely guided on the path that unfolds before me.

For this truth, I am so grateful. For knowing this truth, I am so grateful. For eating, breathing and living this truth, I am so grateful. I give thanks to God, that which is the Universe, that this is already so.

And since in my innate inner wisdom, I know that this is in fact already done, I release these words into the law. It is already so. I get out of my own way and allow it to be. And so it is!