Being a practitioner in Science of Mind and Spirit for 22 years, I have learned many things. Most of the things I have learned involved inner work which helped me uncover ‘my Truth’ under all of the stories I had made up.

I always thought I knew what love was. When I was young, love was all about my mom. I couldn’t imagine my mom not being there to love me and share my love. It was a simple concept and easy to love this way. As I grew older, this basic template of love shifted to having a wife, 2 children, a white picket fence, and a dog. Love, in this case, was framed as mutual affection, money, and usually played out as sex.

When there was conflict in these relationships, my strategy was to do more. After all, I knew it was partly my responsibility and if I could uncover what was stopping me from being the ‘perfect husband’, everything would work out and love would take over. Well, you might imagine how that turned out; not so well.

This pattern continued through many relationships with me trying different variations of what I thought love was. I had an epiphany 9 ½ years ago that helped uncover ‘my Truth’. As I said earlier, I thought love meant doing more. What I found in one glaring instant was that I wasn’t honoring myself in my relationship. I was always finding ways to make it work for the other person. There was no balance.

From that moment forward, with ‘my Truth’ in hand, I decided I would love myself with perfect balance and harmony. This was the true inner work. By doing this, all of my relationships blossomed without me having to do anything. I truly owned who I was; a magnificent expression of Divine Love. Just as God is everywhere present, Love is just one of many expressions of the Divine embedded in the soul of each one of us. I now speak these words for all beings everywhere.

God is all there is. I am one with this Truth. I know that Love is God’s expression of me and all other beings. I stay in harmony and balance with Love lighting the way to melt away all that appears not to be Love. In this warm cradle of Love, I let gratitude fill me up. Thank you, God! And so it is!

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