It is in the quiet and solitude of soulful reflection that I breathe deeply and exhale completely, and allow the awareness of the Unity of All to occupy my consciousness.  There is only One thing – the Universe – and it is that which I call God.  It is the One Source of All, the One Creator, and it is everything that it creates.  And so the attributes of the nature of that One, move over in, through and as its own creation.  It is Light.  It is Love.  It is Peace.  It is Joy.  And it is constantly expanding and expressing as its own creation.

It is right here right now. Showing up as me.  Showing up as all that I experience and know.  I am made in, of, by, as It.  I live and breathe and have my being in It.  There is only One, and I am a part of that One.

Knowing this to be the Truth of who I am, I right now declare, affirm and know that my work in this life is good.  I know that I bring to my work a joyous attitude and a grateful heart.  I know that I am called to be in service, and I answer that call with every part of my being.  My skills, talents and passion comes forth in my work, and I am successful in everything that I undertake.  In that Truth, I find a blissful peace, knowing that the work that I do is good and brings good to the planet.

So, I give thanks.  I am so grateful for my work. I am so grateful for the good that it brings.  I am so grateful for the peace of mind that I experience as a result.  I give great thanks to God that this is so.

Having known this Truth and having formed these words, I release this prayer into the Law, which has already taken hold.  It is mine now to simply release and let it be.  And so I do.  And so it is.

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