It takes tremendous courage to change direction in our lives, whether it’s in regards to a relationship, a career, or some other change we wish to make. There is an inner voice within each of us; one that continues to nudge us, sometimes pulling us or pushing us away or towards something else. It’s an energy that tells us it’s time to move in another direction.

Some of us aren’t even sure what our heart is saying, we’re so used to turning to our heads for answers. Perhaps we’ve unknowingly shut off our connection to our heart and thus, when our heart speaks to us, either we can’t hear it or we ignore its messages. We then get caught in an endless battle, vacillating back and forth between one decision and another, allowing fear to be our guide, rather than the call of the Spirit within us that knows exactly what to do, when to do it and how. This part of us knows what is for our highest and best good and what will bring us the most joy.

The key is getting quiet, tuning in and listening to that inner voice and trusting the messages we receive. Listening is the first step, taking action in the face of whatever fear is present is the next. Our ego will take over if we allow it, telling us we’re not smart enough, educated enough, young enough, fill in the blank enough. As the poet, David Whyte says, “We are the only species on earth capable of preventing our own flowering.”

We must allow our heart to open and trust the messages that come to us. When we let go and allow, we receive the perfect guidance, support, and resources to make the changes we desire. Each of us has tremendous beauty within us that wants to be expressed. We need to give ourselves permission to shine this light and have the courage to express it fully in the world.


I am tuning into the voice within and trusting the guidance I receive, knowing that what shows up is for my highest and best good.


I recognize that there is one God, one powerful force of love and life that emanates from all things and all beings across this beautiful universe. I am one with this presence, as I am an individualized expression of Spirit.

This presence moves in, through, around and for me in this very moment and in every moment, and as such, I know in this moment that there is nothing I cannot do with God as my source. I affirm that I am guided to that which will bring me the most joy and the greatest fulfillment. I trust the messages that show up, knowing they are for my highest and best good. I claim and know that the source of all that is neutralizes all fear, doubt, and feelings of separation from my consciousness. I am a child of God and therefore, I know all things are possible. I affirm that I have the courage to follow my heart and to make the changes I desire in my life. And I know at the deepest core of my being that I am supported every step of the way.

I give thanks for this presence that moves through my life with such grace and power and for the beauty and magnificence of Spirit that is the source of my life. I release this word into the law of love and creation knowing that it is done, knowing that it is complete, without pause and without prejudice. And so it is!

Lea Alvarado, RScP