TlettingGohe topic of this course is letting go, and the main subject is you. The focus is your willingness to broaden and deepen your personal relationship with yourself. Everything that comes up in these six weeks is an opening for healing and celebration. In this class you will explore questions such as:

  • What did I learn about myself as a child that may still define me today? Is it really true?
  • Are there current relationships that are no longer in my best interest? Am I willing to let them go?
  • Do I believe that I need to work hard to get ahead or that I should tend to others before myself?
  • As I release old patterns of behavior, am I willing to take action toward what I really want?

A Six-week Class starting Tuesday, October 31st
7-9 pm
$100 includes all materials
Facilitated by Rev. Jyoti DeVernie


Facilitated by Rev. Jyoti DeVernie