Noticing Presence

The past exists only in your mind. Therefore, the only power it has in the present moment is the power that you give to it. -Eckhart Tolle

How do you know if you’re being present? What signals do you receive? I believe that when you’re being present or what we call presence, your mind becomes quiet because you are able to hear and experience things all around you as if they are all that is as a representation of God. God is the presence that we seek. That connection is always there and when we quiet the mind and listen the presence gives us the Truth.

This week, start simple and just notice when you are being present. As you become more aware of the presence within you, give thanks that your life is so much easier. After this accomplishment, start working on the next step. Be intentional about being present. Watch yourself in stressful situations and see if you can quiet your mind. Talk about these moments whether you’re successful or not. The opening you create will make you become aware of your presence.

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