Listening to our Inner Voices

If humans have something like 200 internal voices, and investigating and looking at the roots of the individual voice’s is powerful for our quality of life, how does one go about this? Having a conversation with a counselor or somebody trained in Voice Dialogue is a gentle and expansive experince. Inviting forward a specific voice and then interacting with that voice can give us traction or venues for growth. Literally getting up and moving from one chair to another, while thinking about and inviting forward the specific voice, is the physical wake up call or cue. Moving to a different chair while calling forth the next internal voice, lets us move onto a different conversation!

“Voice Dialogue is a method for giving voice to our various selves, also known as inner selves, parts, sub-personalities and energy patterns, and includes archetypes. Voice Dialogue is also about developing the ability to handle, or manage, ourselves in a more conscious way.”

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Rev. James Stallcup

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