Letting Go

In the book Letting Go, by David Hawkins, “all facts are filed in the mind memory bank under a filing system based upon the associated feeling and its finer gradations. They are filed according to feeling tone, not fact. Self-awareness is increased much more rapidly by observing feelings rather than thoughts. The thoughts associated with even one feeling may literally run into the thousands. The understanding of the underlying emotion and its correct handling is more rewarding and less time-consuming than dealing with one’s thoughts.” Start out by observing the feelings, just notice them, this is not about anything being wrong or anything needing to be fixed, be present in the moment.

The circumstances of our lives can often be a doorway to the feelings. Often times we have the same feelings come up again and again in different situations. Dealing with family members, old friends or even driving a car can be powerful teachers for us when noticing feelings. Why are feelings so important in the surrender process? If we have unconscious feelings there can be automatic behaviors that have been practiced and locked in place. When the buried feelings are acknowledged the next step is surrender.

Forgiveness can be a powerful partner with surrender. Allowing yourself first, or another, safe passage through your place of judgment can set the stage for the surrender process to take place. I invite you to practice this process and as it becomes second nature your quality of life increases greatly!

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