beyondLimitsSometimes the only thing limiting us is our belief in limitations. What beliefs are blocking you from doing the things you love most in life? In Beyond Limits you will learn how to get past limiting thoughts to live the life you really want.

Beyond Limits is a great 10-week class that teaches the principles of Science of Mind and Spirit and offers practical tools for living joyful, successful, Spirit-filled lives.

Through experiential classwork, putting your prayers into action, and sharing with a small group of fellow students, you will support your highest good to live a more thriving life.

  • Recognize God as and through all life.
  • Discover your unique place in the universe.
  • Open doors with the Creative Power expressing.
  • Accept daily your good and express your gifts.
  • Utilize the Life applications for the life you desire and deserve.
  • Lovingly release hidden beliefs.
  • Meditate, pray and vision a new path.
  • Immerse yourself in the New Thought movement that literally shapeshifts your life.
  • Dive deeply, discipline your life and taste freedom on a daily basis.

Cost: We are offing the class on a love-offering basis, with $50 being the suggested minimum offering. This covers the cost of materials and CSL registration.

Required books are How to Change Your Life and Creative Ideas: A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression.  Both are inspiring books are by Ernest Holmes.

To register, sign the “I’m interested” clipboard in the lobby, or email and let us know you are coming.

Either Beyond Limits or Foundations, the other entry-level class, is required for all other certificated classes.