From the Board: Sandy Rinehart

A couple weeks ago, Rev. Marsha Megdadpour visited the Center. She is our founding Minister for the Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley that began as New Horizons Church of Religious Science. They began meeting in 2000 and incorporated in 2001 when they had the required 50 members.

Lots of things have changed thru these 18 years but our purpose remains the same. Our Purpose: Celebrating divinity, embracing humanity, and creating community. These exact words have been our purpose for the whole 14 years I have been attending the Center.

I love the part about creating community. The Centers for Spiritual Living have changed their guidelines to allow virtual communities. I guess these people can Skype their service. I am sure that is great for people who are isolated (without local Centers) but I would miss the camaraderie of physically being in the same place.

I went to the big church for 18 years before I moved to a smaller center. At the larger Center, I knew some people by sight, but I didn’t make many lasting relationships. I just seemed to hide in the crowd. In the smaller Center, I saw the need and wanted to help fill in where I could. I became involved and found that it supported my personal spiritual growth as well.

Our Center is like that “Cheers” tag line “Where everybody knows your name”. We get to know you and you get to know us. We see the God-self Truth of you and You see the God-self Truth of us. We can pray for and support each other. Your support can look like attending the service or events, giving money, volunteering or giving to our monthly Outreach, but you are always at choice.

Lots of people don’t realize that our Center is the average size of most Centers. We are growing and might even outgrow our space but no matter where we go, we want to keep the close community we have built. Come join us to the degree you want to be involved. You are very Welcomed and Loved.

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