Dear Friends,

It was wonderful to see the big turnout for our Town hall meeting on May 22nd. The community came together to vision for our next physical space, knowing that growth is hap-pening. The ideas that came forth were magnificent. Warren Rath did a terrific job leading us in meditation and facili-tating the meeting.

What I know is this: That Center for Spiritual Living

Boulder Valley is a vibrant, energized community. We are

divinely guided to the perfect space and in the perfect time.

The Board of Trustees and the Moving With Spirit Commit-tee will take the results of the Town hall meeting and consolidate them into a complete and cohesive vision that we can all share. Together in consciousness, CSLBV is assured of growth, prosperity and a beautiful, sacred physical environment we call home.

Love and light,

Laura L. McGee, R.Sc.P.
President, Board of Trustees