boardrainbowDear Friends,

I’ve had teachers and friends counsel me in the past to not forget to “be grateful for the small stuff” – the empty parking space that shows up when you need it, the sugar-free dessert option, the little-itty bit of soap left in the dish.  People say it’s important to acknowledge and recognize the beauty of every small blessing.  And, they are right.  Appreciating the little things creates a vibration of receptivity, a magnet in Mind activating the Law and bringing more of that good stuff on in.  We all know that, right?

This month, I’m asking you to also be grateful for some REALLY, REALLY BIG things.  Things like Independence, Freedom and Justice.  As we approach Independence Day, take some time each day to contemplate what it means to be Independent.  And what it means to be Free.  And how it is that Justice fits into this strange equation.

For me, independence means having the ability to care for yourself, and the responsibility of caring for yourself.  It means being able to think your own thoughts and stand firmly in your own truth.  In addition, there is an inherent obligation to be compassionate and cooperative that comes with being independent.  Having achieved it, giving others a hand-up in reaching their own independent potential, seems not only reasonable, but also expansive in consciousness as we embody the realization that true independence is attainable by all.

As for Freedom, I thank God every day that I live in a society, time and place where I am free to say and do the things that I feel called to say and do.  I am free to create my own reality.  And I am free to create my own hell.  Just like every human, I am constantly at choice.  I also am humbled by the sacrifices that some people have made so that we in the United States can experience the degree of Freedom that we have.  No words can express the gratitude in my heart for our men and women of service.

And then, there is Justice.  Does the word justice for you have a hint of revenge baked in?  Does the word justice mean a karmic substitution of evils – such as an eye for an eye, or a stomach ache for eating stolen bread?  If so, can you re-frame the word justice so that it becomes a manifestation of divine right order?

Sometimes, in our human perception, divine right order takes a while.  Sometimes, more than a lifetime.  Be grateful for it, anyway.

So, grill up some burgers and dogs, light a sparkler, “oooooh” and “aaaaah” at some fireworks, and remember who you are.  You are independent.  You are free.  Divine right order unfolds for you right now.  Be grateful for all these big things.  Thank goodness!

Love and Light,

Laura L. McGee, RScP
President, Board of Trustees

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