Dear Friends,

What a great time of year it is!  To take the time to reflect on the past and bask in the freshness of the new year ahead, is such a blessing, and sometimes, so necessary in order to understand where we are each going individually and collectively.  Did your intentions for 2016 manifest in all their glory?  Or did you stumble and forget your priorities, letting what seemed so important 12 months ago, slide to the wayside and languish in the heap of rubble that is the mountain of good ideas that never take form?

Well, guess what?  You get another chance!  You can use the same ideas, or create new ones.

There is, of course, nothing magical that limits this fresh-chance-taking to the turning of the calendar.  Every moment of every day is an opportunity to re-chart your course.  And sometimes, we get to be reminded of that.  But the New Year is such an obvious and in-your-face opportunity that it is hard to deny its potency.

It’s also a time when we as a community enter into a new fiscal year with a new annual budget and election of Trustees to the Board.  The Board of Trustees welcomes your input, and we will do all we can to ensure that everyone feels heard as we move forward in our natural evolution and growth.

And it is a time to look back with gratitude at all the changes that have lifted us up in 2016.  We have a sound system and a sound person.  We have a children’s classroom worthy of some serious fun.  We have a dedicated Ecclesiastical Team, and a congregation that demonstrates each and every week exactly what community means.  I am so grateful for all of this, and so much more.

Also, looking ahead to 2017, we will be participating in the Spirit of One, the Power of Many project, the aim of which is to take one quarterly activity that by itself might not make much of a difference in the world, but multiply it by thousands of people that are the heart of Centers for Spiritual Living and feel the shift in consciousness.  Our first assignment is to bring a friend to church on January 8, and take a selfie with your friend at church.  Then, post your photo at the CSL Member Connection Facebook page, with the hashtag(#eachonebringone).

2017 is going to be a great year.

Love and light,

Laura L. McGee, R.Sc.P.
President, Board of Trustees

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