From My Heart: Reverend Jyoti

Greetings. I’ll be SO GLAD when the elections are over and we can move to my favorite part of November, the GRATITUDE part! So pray and vote and then let’s move into gratitude for all the blessings in our lives, knowing the highest and best for all of our elected officials, whether we voted for them or not.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – a wonderful time to bask in gratitude. I am so grateful for the love and support of my sweet wife Mary, whom I’ve worked and loved and laughed and played with for almost 29 years, and for our beautiful home that’s just about 8 minutes from the Center. I am grateful for family, friends, our sweet kitty Rusty, good health, abundance, and so much more. And I am enormously grateful for the teachers and teachings of Science of Mind and Spirit – the teaching that has made such a difference in my life.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I’ve been the minister here at Center for Spiritual Living Boulder Valley for a whole year! Wow! A year of learning and growing and connecting with the most WONDERFUL people! I love you and am SO GRATEFUL that you chose me to be your minister. I continue to learn SO MUCH from all of you as I figure out how I can best serve joyfully. And I SO APPRECIATE your love, your support, and your patience with me as I learn.

We’re getting all the kinks worked out of our new sound system, which makes our incredible musicians sound EVEN BETTER! Come on Sunday mornings and check it out. And in the past month, a team has formed that now serves weekly at the Sister Carmen Community Center Food Bank. We work hard and have fun, knowing that we are making a difference. Let me know if you want to join us on Wednesday mornings. I feel blessed to be part of a community that works together and has fun at the same time.

Our theme this month is Wholeness and Gratitude. Since every word we speak is a prayer, and every thought we think is a prayer, being grateful not only feels good, but brings us even more to be grateful for – more love, more joy, and a deeper connection to our Wholeness. I hope to see you Wednesday November 23rd at 6:30 for our annual Thanksgiving Eve service. It will be a beautiful time to share and bask in gratitude and to be inspired by Karen Karsh’s amazing music.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings! Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Rev. Jyoti

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