Even though I’m no longer officially in school, I still think of September as being a fresh start – the start of the brand-new school year.  (I still can’t get used to kids going back to school in August.)  And I am certainly ready for a fresh start!  What an intense month August was.  The hatred, racism, bigotry, and violence that exploded in Charlottesville felt to some like a rerun of a dreadful movie that we never wanted to see again. To others, I’m afraid it felt like a continuation of the life they face every day.

Then came the incredible gift of the eclipse. So many across the country stood in awe and wonder and delight, gathering with friends, wearing goofy looking glasses, and gazing up at the sky with smiles.  For a while there seemed to be a softening of the harsh divisions and clashes that face our country. For at least a little while, our focus was elsewhere; our gaze went upward and outward, focusing on the majesty of the universe in which we live.

And then there was the unprecedented destruction of Hurricane Harvey. We saw lives and landscapes swiftly and violently changed by the power of nature. AND we saw the amazing power of people willing to reach out and help.

Our theme for September is Hearts of Service.  We are the hands and feet and hearts of the Divine.  Most of us reading this newsletter are greatly and abundantly blessed, and all of us have gifts and talents to share.  This month we’ll be looking at how natural it is for us to share, how good it feels to share, and how important it is as we create a world that works for everyone and for all of life.

With the passing of Louise Hay, the amazing author, speaker, publisher and CSL Minister, I’ve thought about the gifts she shared and what a difference she made in my life.  For many of us, she was the first to share the tool of affirmations and the importance and power of loving ourselves.  Her light will continue to shine not only through her books and publications but through the ripple effect of her teachings.  Godspeed, Louise, as you’re off on your next adventure!

On September 10th we’ll hold a new member class, so if you’re not yet a member and are ready to make a commitment to your own spiritual deepening, plan to stay after service on the 10th to talk with Rev. Jyoti, or contact her by phone or email.  Then, on September 17th, we’ll officially celebrate and welcome our new members.

I’m excited that our Third Thursday Spiritual Forum will begin this month.  Each month we’ll have guest speakers presenting topics of current interest, with time for questions and rich discussions.  See the article elsewhere in this newsletter.

Next month our Prosperity Plus class will begin, inviting us each into not only greater financial abundance, but more of what we want in EVERY area of our lives.  The principles we teach work to bring in more money, greater health, more love and companionship, more life satisfaction, and more peace.  When we say YES, the Universe says YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!

I’ll only be in the office on Thursday afternoons on the 6th and 13th this month, as Mary and I are heading off to Florida for some vacation time and then traveling to Asheville, North Carolina for a Ministers’ Conference. I will, however, be available by phone for support or prayer.  And I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings!  Oh, and put it on your calendar that Dr. Michelle Medrano from Mile Hi Church will be speaking at CSLBV on October 1st.  You won’t want to miss her!

Have a great month and journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!

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