It’s April, and sometimes I’m an April Fool – I get fooled into thinking spring is really here, and that I can go ahead and start planting flowers other than pansies. Not that I don’t love pansies, but I do get so eager for the variety of flowers we’ll have later in the season. Springtime, Easter, renewal, more convertible time, preparing to plant — I absolutely love this time of year. And I am loving the excitement and growth that’s happening at CSLBV as well. It’s great to see new faces, and then to see those faces coming back again and again as they become FAMILIAR faces. Welcome to all those new familiar faces and to all who make Center for Spiritual Living such a welcoming community.

March was a great month at CSLBV – there was the Centers for Spiritual Living virtual convention that we gathered to watch together for three inspiring evenings; an incredibly inspiring Third Thursday Spiritual Forum, a fascinating Enchanted Living workshop where connections were made with those who have passed from this physical life, and the last weeks of Rev. Lea’s amazing Practical Mysticism class.

And April will be no less inspiring. Are you looking for more abundance in ANY area of your life? Money, love, opportunities, some other area? If so, you won’t want to miss Rev. Lea’s next class – Financial Freedom. Though there’s the word ‘Financial’ in the title, it will bring abundance into ALL areas of your life, as well as being a great opportunity to grow and bond with others in a loving, supportive and fun atmosphere. We’ll have another enlightening Third Thursday Forum, and a relationship workshop at the end of the month that will enliven ALL of your relationships, not just romantic ones. The choir will be singing at our sacred and celebratory Easter service, and our Monthly Meditation for Peace will be, as always, a wonderful time of renewal in this not-always-so-peaceful world.

Our topic for the month is Diversity and Inclusivity, and it has been fun for me to think about the delightfully diverse ways the Divine shows up. Think of some of the interesting birds and plants and animals and people in our world – all expressions of the one Creative Source. Valuing our differences can bring joy and a deeper appreciation of God’s power, imagination and sense of humor. Join us on Sunday mornings as we explore the diversity within each of us, within our community, and in the world.

This month our Outreach is Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, providing some staples for their kitchen at Josephine Commons. And thanks to all who contributed to Neuro Ananda, supporting brain cancer research and our beloved Leanne Goff’s amazing healing journey. It is, of course, never too late to support Neuro Ananda – just go to their website,

Thanks to all who do so much in support of our spiritual community – making coffee, putting out and bringing in signs, serving on the Board, serving as Practitioners and greeters and all the other important things that keep CSLBV running smoothly. If you’d like to serve on the greeter team or the Outreach team or the newly being formed Pastoral Care Team, let me or Rev. Lea know. And, STILL, please keep your eyes open for a potential larger space for CSLBV. As we grow, we either need a larger space, with more room for kids and Practitioners, or we need to think about going to two services. I’d love it if you’d let me know your thoughts and feelings about navigating our joyous growth.

In April, I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons from 2:30-5:30, as usual. I’m also delighted to be in the office at other times by appointment. Feel free to call if you’d like to come in to chat or to pray, or if you have suggestions you’d like to share. Practitioner Kelly Robbins is in the office on Wednesday mornings, so call her if you’d like to meet with her. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings and at our inspiring and fun events!

Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed, and you ARE a blessing!

Love, Reverend Jyoti