From My Heart:
Happy New Year! As I write this, it’s the last morning of 2018 and I’m still smiling from the sweet World Peace Meditation this morning and the delightful breakfast a group of us shared afterward. What a great holiday season it’s been at CSLBV. Our Candlelight Service was sacred (and overflowing!) Our Letting Go Service yesterday was full and powerful, and the World Peace Meditation this morning was filled with inspiring music, words of wisdom, and hope for a more peaceful year ahead. Thanks to all who came to share light and love!

Thanks to all who make this such an open and loving community. Special thanks to those of you who decorated (and undecorated) the Center for the holidays, all who serve on Sunday mornings, and all who serve throughout the week, especially Rev. Lea and the Board of Trustees. And thanks to our amazing Practitioners who serve as powerful spiritual guides and amazing prayer practitioners. Kelly Robbins, one of our new Practitioners, will have office hours on Wednesday mornings at the Center. Most Practitioners have private spiritual guidance practices and support congregants in moving through challenges and celebrating miracles, joys and successes. See elsewhere in this newsletter for more info about Kelly’s services.

What an exciting year ahead for CSLBV! This is the year we’ll find and move into our new larger space. (And so it is!!!) We’ll be doing visioning about that after service next Sunday, January 6th. All are welcome, of course. Visioning is a process of opening to Spirit’s highest idea for next steps for our growing spiritual community. Also on Sunday, we’ll be talking about some practical considerations – how much space we want, how we might find it, and what’s available and needed financially. I am SO EXCITED to see how the Universe provides all that we need (not just financially, but in EVERY area) in magical and delightful ways. We are so blessed!

Of course, an important part of our blessing is the new folks that have been drawn to our Center. It was a good thing we rearranged things to have more room for kids – Carole does SUCH a great job with the kids and I love seeing how much fun they’re having while absorbing positive and healthy ideas. Reverend Lea and I are looking forward to welcoming new members on January 27th. If membership calls to you, call me or Rev. Lea and/or attend one of the Membership Orientation meetings after service on January 13th or 20th.

Our theme for 2019 is Spirituality in Action and in January we’ll focus on Back to Basics – reminding ourselves of our powerful Science of Mind teachings and exploring new ways to put them to work in our lives. Even after years of studying the Science of Mind and Spirit, I’m always inspired by returning to the first few chapters of Ernest Holmes’ Science of Mind textbook. There’s always something new for me!

If you’re wanting to uplevel your life by delving deeper into our teachings, a couple of classes will start in January. Rev. Lea is teaching Practical Mysticism (see more info elsewhere in the newsletter) starting January 22nd and I’m still deciding what to teach. I’d love your feedback about a morning class vs. an evening class and Beyond Limits, a life-changing dive into our teachings, vs. Principles of Financial Freedom, a powerful, fun and practical class. Let me know what calls to you – you can email, call or text me and I’ll be asking about this on Sunday mornings.

In January I’ll be in the office on Thursday afternoons as usual. I’m also available at other times by appointment, of course. Please call if you’d like to come in to pray or talk about whatever’s on your heart, or to share your thoughts about ways to make our Center even more powerful and magnificent.

I look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting on January 27th and on Sunday mornings! Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing! May 2019 be your BEST YEAR YET!!!!

Much Love,
Reverend Jyoti