September was a full month, including a fun road trip with my sister to Florida to deliver her car to her daughter. What a beautiful country we live in. I was inspired in Kansas by all the windmills. At one point, they were lots of them on both sides of the road and I imagined them like prayer flags, carrying prayers of peace to be scattered on the wind. And Alabama is SO GREEN and lovely, and has such delicious fried catfish.

In September, we celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Sunday at CSLBV and it was a wonderful time of appreciating all of the folks that make such a difference in our spiritual community – the Board and Practitioners, the greeters and ushers and those who help with setup and cleanup and Outreach and music and our library – the list goes on and on. Thanks to all of you who serve our spiritual community with such love and light!

As I’m writing this Mary and I are in Dallas for the annual Ministers’ Gathering. It’s a time of inspiration and sharing and learning that I look forward to each year. The theme for the year is A Field of Love – Experience, Engage, Evolve. It’s perfect timing for me as I prepare for my oral ordination panel mid-month. In our organization, Centers for Spiritual Living, a minister must have been licensed and practice for 3 years before being eligible for the lifetime confirmation of Ordination. I’ve completed those 3 years and feel ready to say A Deeper Yes to Spirit as I continue to grow as your Senior Minister and Spiritual Director. Please save the date of Friday, November 9th. The plan is to celebrate my ordination (once I successfully complete my panel) and Rev. Lea Alvarado being licensed as a new minister (also, once she completes her licensing panel.)

And we at CSL Boulder Valley are SO BLESSED to have Reverend Lea as our Assistant Minister. She brings light and love and amazing skills that will help support and grow us as a congregation and as individuals. Her job description is unfolding, and you can trust that she is here for you!

And WE ARE GROWING! Luckily one of our practitioners donated a few chairs that match our sanctuary chairs, so we now have room for a few more people on Sunday mornings. We are absolutely open to Spirit revealing our new larger space – so exciting! If you know of an available space, or would like to be on the team to look for our new home, please let me or a Board Member know, OK?

In October, I’ll only be in the office on Thursday afternoons on Oct 12th and 26th, as the other two Thursdays are the Ministers’ Gathering and the CSLBV Board Retreat. I’m also available at other times by appointment, of course. Feel free to call if you’d like to come in to chat or to pray, or to share your thoughts about ways to make our Center even more magnificent.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday mornings! Journey joyfully, knowing that you are blessed and you ARE a blessing!
Love, Rev. Jyoti