Communing With the Divine

Noticing when we’re attached to a point of view, old pattern from the past, or a disempowering paradigm can be a powerful door into the transformational process of surrender. Our connection with a Higher Power, Spirit or The Divine is the starting point.

“We commune with the Loving Presence of God and Truth is revealed to us through this communion.” -Living The Science of Mind, Declaration of Principles #9.

Communing with the Divine can be as simple as taking a breath, dropping the shoulders and relaxing the body or walking out the front door and taking a two minute walk in the beautiful fall air. As humans we like to make things complex, noticing God might be one of the most simple things that we do. As we witness attachments and connect with our Higher Power, this sets the stage for that infinitely beautiful process of surrender!

“Surrender is the act of releasing our grip on outcomes, expectations, and the need to control. It is a process of relinquishing the ego’s dominance and aligning with a higher power or intelligence. Surrender involves letting go of resistance, fear, and the illusion of separation, and embracing trust, faith, and a willingness to be guided.” –

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