No one is harder on ourselves than we are. We make one little mistake and we beat ourselves up thinking that we’re a bad person. We can be gentle with our friends and those we love but what about ourselves? Being a part of a spiritual circle makes it even harder because we hear messages about peace and love, messages about seeing the face of God in others, and messages about our thoughts and how they create our life. We immediately get concerned the moment we have a negative thought or do something we deem as “unspiritual.” We judge ourselves harshly and shame ourselves for example because we didn’t bless the person who cut us off but instead, said a few choice words under our breath.

Being spiritual isn’t ever about doing life perfectly or behaving perfectly. There is no God looking down on us judging us for the choices we make. This is not the God we believe in. Our God is loving, kind, forgiving and gentle, supporting us and guiding us in our life whether we behave perfectly or not.

Being spiritual is about making conscious choices and dedicating time to spiritual practices and growth but there will be times when life happens and we just can’t choose anything other than a negative thought or a negative action. We are human and we live in a world where there are lots of human beings doing some very bad things in the world and at times, we will react to those things negatively. We are first and foremost spiritual beings but our human side will always be in conflict with our spiritual side. It’s part of being in this existence.

Every day we are dealing with hardship, either within our own life or witnessing it in someone else’s and sometimes we will react from a high place and other times from a more human place. Life provides us tons of opportunities to choose, as our life is the greatest ashram we could ever be a part of. We don’t have to go away to some retreat far away to learn about ourselves, every day we are given opportunities to learn, grow, and expand our consciousness. And sometimes we will make more of a heart choice, and sometimes we won’t. All of it is ok! We are here to learn.

Release the need to judge yourself, release the need to label something you’ve done as right or wrong and trust in the unfoldment of your life, knowing that every experience is happening for your own growth and learning, NOT to make you feel badly about yourself. You are perfect just as you are and every choice, decision and action you’ve taken is perfect because all of it is part of the divine unfoldment of your life.

Affirmation: I am gentle with myself knowing that every decision and action I take is part of the divine unfoldment of my life.

Treatment: I recognize the divine giving nature of God that is contained within all things. This power, beauty and light surrounds all beings, all situations, all circumstances. And as I know it is contained within all, I know it is contained within me. It is the very light that I breathe. And as I know this for myself, I know this for all beings across this planet. I know that the gentleness that is God is an energy that touches all, helping each person to release any thoughts of feeling less than, unworthy, or that they have done something wrong. I know that we live in a forgiving Universe, one that contains the power of God and in God, there are no wrong choices or decisions, there is only love, harmony, peace, and the energy of forgiveness. And so I know that we are blessed with the knowing that we are children of God, filled with the love and grace of the divine and as such, we treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, loving ourselves through every moment the way God does even when we fall. And so I give thanks for the grace of God that touches each of us, supporting and loving us through the journey of life, helping us to remember that we are perfect just as we are. And so I release this, knowing it is done without pause, without prejudice. It is done. Thank you God, thank you life. And so it is!

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